Drugs: Know the Facts

Drug Facts

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With so many myths and opinions out there, it’s important to understand the facts. The fact is that teenagers up until the early 20's, are in a stage of physical development and drug abuse during these years in particular can have a negative lasting impact.

Another fact to consider: the brain is much more vulnerable to addiction during these years as it is still in a stage of development.

It is also a fact that persons with substance abuse problems started smoking, drinking or using other drugs before they were 18 years old.

Some people can get addicted to drugs while others have bad reactions/experiences. Some overdose and die. Drugs can also trigger mental health problems like psychosis, anxiety or depression.

When it comes to drug use, individual reactions and experiences vary so it is important to understand the usual risks and effects, both short and long term. Knowledge can be the key to making your own, informed decisions.

There is no way of definitively knowing who will be affected like this especially when users are not really sure of what they are taking or what these substances contain.

It is also important to highlight that if you get caught with illegal drugs, you risk facing serious legal consequences i.e. criminal record, fine, imprisonment.

So given the trouble drugs can cause - for relationships, your health, with the law, work, study and money - it pays to know the facts. In that that way, you can make your own mind up and help others around you make better choices.

Information provided isn’t to prevent anyone from seeking medical treatment under the advice and care of their doctor. A variety of substances offer potential medicinal value, but that doesn’t negate their risks, especially when abused!

Most Commonly used Drugs in Gibraltar

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Common Names

"Fanta" "Speed"


"Valium" "Trankis" "Pink Panthers" "Purple Hearts" "Azules"


Cannabis Resin
"Hashisha" "Hash" "Chocolate" "Pollen" "Supa"


"Coca" "Charlie" "Snow"


"X" "Smarties" "Mitsubishi"


Freebase (Crack) Cocaine
"Bazuko" "Chalk" "Crak"


Herbal Cannabis
"Hierba" "Kiffi" "Weed" "Skunk"