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The Drugz (read only) message board is a place where you can post and respond to, or simply read messages posted by others. Typically, you are free to use, when registration is complete. Most message boards require a username (first name and initial, or fictional name), and an email address; this one will be no different.

Drugz- message board will hopefully become an information hub of high-standards and a platform where young people can express their views and seek those of others regarding drugs in a mature, intelligent manner.

Drugz- message board can potentially offer a wealth of quality information and discussion on drug-related issues, in addition to assistance for members struggling with a drug related problems.

At the moment Drugz- message board is read only - the Message Board displays other members post, or reply to messages. It is not a live chat line at this stage, but a place where you can submit messages of concerns on any drug related issue which will appear on the message board along with others who may wish to respond to your message or submit their own message on the board..

We welcome your thoughts, opinions and experiences on any drug-related issue. Type them in and we'll post it up on the board.


(Please Note: Message Board facility is not yet available)

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